TJ75 – Personality Marketing: How To Build Trust Being Your Authentic Self With Ryan Lee

31/7/2015 with

What is trust-building traffic? How do you build an authentic following with trustworthy, personality marketing as your approach? Ryan Lee believes that your own true personality gives trust to your brand. He believes that marketing strategies can be followed, but your unique brand of marketing must be found. In this episode of Traffic Jam podcast, we […]

TJ74 – Social Media Scheduling and Maximising Your Time on Marketing with Laura Roeder

21/7/2015 with

Should, or should you not be using social media scheduling tools has been an ongoing battle of opinion between social media experts. A previous guest on this show believes that tweets should never be scheduled, because what’s so important that it needs to be said, but not important enough for you to be there when […]

TJ73 – Email: Solo Ads Buyers Guide: The Business Of Brokering High Converting Email Offers with Brian Litman

14/7/2015 with

Email has been here since the start of the internet age, and is one form of digital communication that remains relatively unchanged. For most it is the preferred tool to reach new audiences, grow a subscriber base and build relationships on a large scale. But how do we do email marketing right? How do we market to […]

TJ72 – Micro Content Marketing: The Quick and Easy Content Creation Technique That Delivers Your Message Fast ~ Jake Burkett

30/6/2015 with

A study done by Microsoft has concluded that humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. As marketers, we need to find the balance between providing substantial information that can move our audience to action, and instant comprehension within an all too small 8-second window. The solution to that is micro content marketing. But what […]

TJ71 – Co-Authored Content: 40,000 Words That Established A Personal Brand ~ Aaron Agius

23/6/2015 with

Conventional thinking would dictate that you should get full credit for a 40,000 word blog post when you wrote it. You write, you get the reward. This was not (entirely) the case for Aaron Agius however when he wrote tens of thousands of words for His name didn’t appear as the author, and he […]