Traffictoon #7 – Why Some Businesses Aren’t Right For Facebook

7/10/2013 with

We diligently update our Facebook account of our status, but like in this case, it pays to give yourself a bit more privacy and not posting every life event in the greatest social media platform. The Traffictoon series takes a humorous look at SEO, PPC, Social Media and other online stuff. View and share more Traffictoons just […]

TJ5 – Facebook Advertising Innovations With Jennifer Sheahan

28/3/2013 with

Episode #5 is all about Facebook innovations. There’s been so many updates made by Facebook recently that James decided to invite on the show, one of the foremost experts on Facebook Marketing; Jennifer Sheahan of FBadsLab. Jennifer and her team handle Facebook advertising accounts from some of the biggest names, including none other than Barack […]

TJ1 – Facebook Marketing For Business With Victoria Gibson

21/1/2013 with

Facebook traffic is the hot topic of discussion in this inaugural first episode of  The Traffic Jam podcast. James Reynolds is joined by Facebook marketing specialist Victoria Gibson from Victoria’s expertise is in creating effective brands on Facebook, helping businesses reach out to large audiences of hungry buyers, and create ongoing and valuable dialogue […]