Infographic: Most Expensive Google Adwords in the UAE

24/11/2014 with

Google Adwords has evolved into Google’s top source of revenue, and some businesses are paying very high prices for the most expensive Google Adwords. In this infographic, the top 20 keywords for the UAE are revealed. The Google Adwords service works by placing adverts at the top, bottom or beside the ordinary list of search […]

Infographic: 5 New SEO Techniques That Will Multiply Your Visits and Sales

28/9/2014 with

Getting results from Search Engine Optimization is time consuming and resource intensive. In order to build your website’s authority and climb up the search engine results pages you need (in most part) to have other high-value websites in your industry linking to you. Approaching websites, then convincing them to link out to you is largely a hit […]

Infographic: Google Search Tricks

27/6/2014 with

With 40,000 searches per second worldwide, we’re all doing a lot of Googling! Even if you think you’re an old hand at Google and make countless searches every month, we bet even you do not know all of these fabulous Google search tips. Who knew Google could also be a dictionary, countdown timer or calculator, […]