Infographic: Most Expensive Google Adwords in the UAE

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Google Adwords has evolved into Google’s top source of revenue, and some businesses are paying very high prices for the most expensive Google Adwords. In this infographic, the top 20 keywords for the UAE are revealed.

The Google Adwords service works by placing adverts at the top, bottom or beside the ordinary list of search results for any search term. Advertisers only pay for their ads when somebody clicks through to their site from Google (Pay-Per-Click Advertising).

The positions on the Google search results page are effectively auctioned off by Google. When setting up a Google Adwords account, the maximum amount the advertiser is willing to pay per click needs to be considered. The ads position within the page is then determined by its Google Ad Rank, which is calculated by perceived quality of the ad and the landing page, and by the amount of the pay-per-click bid too, of course.

Due to the competitive, auction-like nature of Google Adwords, it is unsurprising that for the most popular search terms, Google Adwords can be phenomenally expensive. In the UAE the most expensive Google Adwords keyword is more than double the next most costly. Check out this infographic we compiled to see which are the most expensive Google Adwords keywords in the UAE, and what advertisers are willing to pay for them.


As you’ve seen, advertisers are willing to pay top whack for the most competitive and most expensive Google Adwords, and that many of the highest earners for Google in the UAE come from beauty and apparel.

Does any of this surprise you? What would you be willing to pay-per-click for these terms?

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