Search Engine Optimization Dubai Expert Shows How Backlinks Affect SEO

28/2/2013 with

Google has released some information regarding their newest baby which is Google Glass and we are so excited we just have to talk about it. But more than that, search engine optimization Dubai leader James Reynolds wants to share how backlinks can affect your SEO result.


In this Video:

00:16 – The Big Google News
00:35 – Google Glass functions
01:01 – “OK Glass”
01:30 – Google as a Knowledge Engine
02:01 – Google’s personalized results
02:38 – How does this relate to SEO?
03:02 – “How many backlinks are included in your packages?”
03:24 – Why is this a bad metric to measure?
03:49 – There are so many other factors involved
04:04 – Not all links are equal
04:23 – Link Authority
05:01 – Link Relevancy
05:17 – Link Diversity

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