Traffictoon#62 – Mailbox’s Empty But You Have Got a Mail?

7/2/2015 with

When you see or hear the words you have got a mail, do you assume it has come through the post or that it’s in your email inbox? So many words we use to describe the transactions we do online were originally, and still are, used to describe our more traditional way of sending information- […]

Traffictoon#61 – I Open Pinterest and Check E-mails, Suddenly It’s Lunchtime!

30/1/2015 with

The internet is full of diversions and social media is now the biggest distraction, taking up more of our time on the internet than anything else apparently. The list of popular social networks is still growing and many people are spending literally hours of their day checking through their various accounts. To make matters worse, […]

Traffictoon#45 – Goodbye Postal Service, Hello Electronic Letters

19/9/2014 with

“Would you still prefer to wait for the mailman to receive your letter?” Electronic letters allow for an instant delivery but others say nothing beats the personal touch of a hand written letter. Which of these would you prefer? Let us know by commenting below.

Traffictoon#34 – Email Overload

1/6/2014 with

In an age where the average person receives 125 emails per day, email overload is a problem many of us face. If you want to take control of your work (and your life) you need to take control of your inbox. Is your inbox out of control?  Comment below and tell me how many unanswered […]

Traffictoon #8 – The Bizarre Baby Name Phenomenon

12/10/2013 with

In this native digital world we now live in, there are just more things to consider when naming your new born; availability of email address, twitter handle, domain name…. perhaps it is no wonder why celebrities name their children with such obscure names like “Fifi Trixibelle” (Bob Geldof and Paula Yates), “Sage Moonblood” (Sylvetser Stallone), […]