TJ54 – Facebook Targeted Ads Tricks That Deliver Leads For Less Than $1.00 ~ Laura Betterly

18/11/2014 with

With over 1 billion users worldwide and relatively low ad costs, Facebook is easily the fastest way to reach a large target audience online without burning though bags of cash. But as with any other advertising platform over the internet, CPCs rise, algorithms get updated and targeting strategies need to change. Get up to date with […]

TJ51 – Facebooks Ads Secrets: Little Known 7 Step Formula for Effective Advertising in the Facebook News Feed ~ Curt Maly

21/10/2014 with

With many brands experiencing lower than ever visibility it seems that advertising is a necessity if you want visibility in the Facebook News Feed. Getting started on Facebooks Ads platform is easy, but getting real results requires insight and an in depth understanding of the tool. Facebook do provide training, but some of the biggest secrets […]

Traffictoon#48 – My Facebook Friends List Disappeared! Help!

16/10/2014 with

A technical hitch or just one too many selfies, boasties or baby pics? When some of those on your Facebook friends list disappeared, it’s hard not to wonder who’s to blame. Many of us will have panicked at the reasons behind Facebook friends suddenly gone, as though our online friend count on Facebook is indicative […]

Traffictoon#46 – Profile Images for Facebook Can Be Deceiving

25/9/2014 with

“Oh my gosh, this guy’s SO handsome! I can tell from his Facebook profile picture.” An infographic by Pixable said that 10% of Facebook photos are profile pictures. I wonder how many of the profile images for Facebook are real? What’s the most unrealistic profile image you’ve ever seen on Facebook? 

Traffictoon#36 – Social Affairs

16/6/2014 with

It might not be so far-fetched to have to tackle issues like with with social media an integral part of our lives these days. Have you ever gotten the wrong side of your spouse or partner because of things you have (or have not) done online?