TJ63 – How to Buy Traffic to Your Website That Is Predisposed to Buy All That You Got ~ Jonathan Mizel

27/1/2015 with

Some twenty years ago it was easy to rank on the first page of Google. There were few websites competing for the top ten spots. Fast forward to the present, there are now millions of websites, and competition is rife. Smart marketers like Jonathan Mizel have turned to paid traffic with ever growing inventory, segmentation and targeting options available […]

Traffictoon#55 – Bing vs Google Test

6/12/2014 with

Google is the hands-down leader of the search engines. It’s reputation and popularity far exceed any of its rivals, so much so that some might think that it’s a waste of time trying to compete. Bing is currently Google’s closest rival, but still only has a comparatively tiny share of searches worldwide, often reported as […]

Traffictoon#52 – Google Answers to Questions Your Guru Won’t Answer

13/11/2014 with

Knowledge can be instantaneous these days; the Google answers to questions appear in double-quick time after just a few brief taps of the keyboard. Many of us don’t think twice about typing all life’s queries, big and small, into a search engine. Googling is so easy and instantaneous, that it almost seems like finding alternative […]

Traffictoon#47 – Google Suggest Keywords Which is Why…

9/10/2014 with

Google suggest keywords which is why it’s a girl…. that’s all! Do you care to disagree? The TrafficToons take a funny ole look at all things digital. We publish a ‘toon’ once per week and you can check out more of them here.

Traffictoon#40 – Just Google It!

27/7/2014 with

Do you ever get tired of people asking you questions when they could just Google it?