TJ64 – Video, Social and Banner Retargeting: Your Second Chance To Win Over Your Audience with Chris Evans

3/2/2015 with

Anyone in their right mind will grab a good second chance when it’s presented to them, an opportunity to redeem themselves if they missed out the first time round. This is never more prevalent than in marketing – direct mail, email follow up and now retargeting provide us marketers with second chance to persuade our […]

TJ59 – Google Adwords: Retargeting, Search and Display Network – How To Build A Profitable Campaign Today with Mike Rhodes

23/12/2014 with

Google, by far, has the greatest market share of all search engines world-wide.  So, naturally it makes sense that if you want to reach people actively searching for what you offer, then you should display your wares on Google. Google has virtually limitless information about the who, what, where and when for everyone on the […]

TJ39 – Email Marketing and Automation Tips To Scale Your Business with Dan Fagella

5/6/2014 with

Why do all the hard graft manually when you can automate? Getting some of those marketing tasks off your plate might just be what you need to free up your business for the next level of growth. Todays guest helps companies uses automation and email marketing  as a “high-yield business builder to drive, consistent engagement and […]

August 25, 2013 – Week 35 Summary

25/8/2013 with

In this week’s summary, find out what the SEO basket has to do with this week’s SEO tip, and what Adwords tip you can do for as little as two minutes but still get better results.   This week has also seen the launch of the funny side of SEO, PPC and everything related to […]

Easy Adwords Results In Under 2 Minutes

20/8/2013 with

In the world of PPC, there is no such thing as being too busy you have no time to work on improvements. Even two minutes off your time can mean a whole lot, and here are some tips on how you can make those two minutes count.   In this Video: 00:17 – Topic for […]