Marketing Podcast Archive

24/2/2014 with

With great content, good posts never go old! We’ve scanned through podcasts some done 3 years ago and we realized the topic is just as good and important today as it was during the time it was done so we’ve listed them down for you here so it is a lot easier to review and […]

How To Maximize Revenue Per Sale

26/1/2014 with

My local grocer has one successful marketing strategy that made him beat all the other competitors in our area. It may sound simple, but you’ll have to agree it is one effective strategy that you can surely implement for you business too!   In this Video: 00:09 – My Local Grocer 00:32 – His Sales […]

How To Utilize The Google Search Page Changes To Gain More Clicks

21/11/2013 with

As you may have noticed, there have been changes in the Google Search Results page, but aside from the different look, as a website owner, you should take this as an opportunity to funnel more clicks to your site, and on this video, James tells you how.   In this Video: 00:15 – The New […]

How Google Decides Your Cost Per Click Price

7/11/2013 with

The highest high bid price does not necessarily mean you get the top spot in the search results. Not quite sure what it means? In this Google Adwords video, we share how Google decides how much you pay for every click you get on your ad.       In this Video: 00:13 – How […]

How Well Do You Know Your Marketing Numbers?

5/11/2013 with

Not knowing your marketing numbers really well may often mean losing money down in to the drain. All the efforts that you put in your marketing strategy will prove worthless if you do not know what is the outcome you get and if you have the right balance of things. So you get a clear […]