TJ45 – SEO Link Building: 3 Untapped Backlink Strategies and the Backlinko Skyscraper Technique ~ Brian Dean

9/9/2014 with

So here’s the rub. When it comes to search engine optimization backlinks do still work. But, whether they work for you to increase your ranking, or against you to send your site in to search engine abyss depends on your ability to acquire high value backlinks. In the modern day of SEO link building is tough. […]

September 29, 2013 – Week 40 Summary

29/9/2013 with

This week in our SEO and PPC news and tips we have no follow links: when to use them best, and how to track conversions coming from your adwords when these clients take longer to convert. If you make use of other websites to establish your authority and name within the online community, you might […]

Traffictoon #6 – One Google Update Too Far?

28/9/2013 with

Google frustrate SEO's with more updates

The love hate relationship between SEO’s and Google continued this week as Google removed keyword data…entirely! Google have switched all searches over to encrypted searches meaning users keyword searches will no longer be trackable inside Google analytics or elsewhere. Tracking what keyword searches actually bring traffic to a website just got a lot more difficult. […]

What Replaced The Google Keyword Tool?

11/9/2013 with

Google has launched a new keyword tool to replace the one they previously had in place. We tell you what has changed, what additional features were added, and what we think about the new tool, all this in this week’s SEO news.    Click HERE to download the MP3 and full PDF transcript In  this […]

New Adwords Report Released And Why I’m Excited

29/8/2013 with

In the recent video training, we’ve tackled the advantages of pairing your SEO efforts with Adwords and we mentioned the advantages of doing so. Now, it seems Google is also thinking about this as they launch a tool that will allow you to view your campaign performance for both.   In This Video: 00:18 – […]