TJ74 – Social Media Scheduling and Maximising Your Time on Marketing with Laura Roeder

21/7/2015 with

Should, or should you not be using social media scheduling tools has been an ongoing battle of opinion between social media experts. A previous guest on this show believes that tweets should never be scheduled, because what’s so important that it needs to be said, but not important enough for you to be there when […]

Traffictoon#63 – Better Chat on Twitter – Character Counting Conversations

13/2/2015 with

Have you ever gone out with someone who just wouldn’t know when to stop talking? And just like this man on the picture, did you wish that the conversation would have a limit that is the same as the twitter character count which is 140? Are people so used to being alone and used to […]

Traffictoon#61 – I Open Pinterest and Check E-mails, Suddenly It’s Lunchtime!

30/1/2015 with

The internet is full of diversions and social media is now the biggest distraction, taking up more of our time on the internet than anything else apparently. The list of popular social networks is still growing and many people are spending literally hours of their day checking through their various accounts. To make matters worse, […]

Traffictoon#57 – For Santa Facebook Turned Out To Be A Bad Idea

24/12/2014 with

Facebook is about connecting with friends from around the globe as well as reconnecting with friends you have not heard from for ages. This is one of the wonders of technology that we get to revel in in this day and age. But Facebook is not only all about that. It is also about making […]

Traffictoon#56 – Hashtag: Use it Right or Not At All!

21/12/2014 with

While they used to be seen most often on Twitter, every major social network now uses hashtags to help them categorise posts and organise discussions. Hashtags are a way of turning your posts into clickable links so that others with an interest in the same topic can find your post. By using the hashtag in […]