Traffictoon#57 – For Santa Facebook Turned Out To Be A Bad Idea

24/12/2014 with

Facebook is about connecting with friends from around the globe as well as reconnecting with friends you have not heard from for ages. This is one of the wonders of technology that we get to revel in in this day and age. But Facebook is not only all about that. It is also about making […]

Traffictoon#56 – Hashtag: Use it Right or Not At All!

21/12/2014 with

While they used to be seen most often on Twitter, every major social network now uses hashtags to help them categorise posts and organise discussions. Hashtags are a way of turning your posts into clickable links so that others with an interest in the same topic can find your post. By using the hashtag in […]

Traffictoon#55 – Bing vs Google Test

6/12/2014 with

Google is the hands-down leader of the search engines. It’s reputation and popularity far exceed any of its rivals, so much so that some might think that it’s a waste of time trying to compete. Bing is currently Google’s closest rival, but still only has a comparatively tiny share of searches worldwide, often reported as […]

Traffictoon#54 – How To Use Facebook For Beginners

28/11/2014 with

This guy needs a lesson in how to use Facebook for beginners! Instead of posting on Facebook, he is posting his info all over his garden fence. In many ways, however, Facebook is just the same- a way of sharing your news, favourite photos and anything else you wish with the world. It can seem […]

Traffictoon#53 – How to Start Blogging So You Needn’t Ever Speak To Your Family Again

20/11/2014 with

There’s been a real communication shift between friends and family separated by miles over the past decade or so. Keeping in touch now means less and less voice-to-voice contact, and more and more online conversation through social media, etc. In some cases though, people look to start blogging keep friends and family up-to-date with their […]