Traffictoon#62 – Mailbox’s Empty But You Have Got a Mail?

7/2/2015 with

When you see or hear the words you have got a mail, do you assume it has come through the post or that it’s in your email inbox? So many words we use to describe the transactions we do online were originally, and still are, used to describe our more traditional way of sending information- […]

Traffictoon#61 – I Open Pinterest and Check E-mails, Suddenly It’s Lunchtime!

30/1/2015 with

The internet is full of diversions and social media is now the biggest distraction, taking up more of our time on the internet than anything else apparently. The list of popular social networks is still growing and many people are spending literally hours of their day checking through their various accounts. To make matters worse, […]

Traffictoon#59 – When Stalking Online Catches You Unaware

16/1/2015 with

In the age of social media, we all put a lot of personal info on the internet; our holiday snaps on Instagram, our career details on LinkedIn, our weekend antics on Facebook and our opinions on Twitter. For some of us, every aspect of our lives can be found on one or more of these […]

Traffictoon#58 – How to Get Hits on Your Website

9/1/2015 with

How many hits has your website had lately? Nope, luckily, we are not talking about actually having some kind of bat and hitting a computer. This is the good kind of “hit”. Do you know exactly how to get hits on your website? This simply means the amount of traffic or visitors your website is […]