Traffictoon#52 – Google Answers to Questions Your Guru Won’t Answer

13/11/2014 with

Knowledge can be instantaneous these days; the Google answers to questions appear in double-quick time after just a few brief taps of the keyboard. Many of us don’t think twice about typing all life’s queries, big and small, into a search engine. Googling is so easy and instantaneous, that it almost seems like finding alternative […]

Traffictoon#51 – How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

6/11/2014 with

These days, every business needs to learn how to handle negative comments on social media. We all appreciate the opportunities social media posts have opened for interacting with our customers and reaching out to new ones. However, the flip side of this is that a disgruntled customer’s (or even ex-employee’s!) complaints can become very public, […]

Traffictoon#50 – Get Directions: Google Map Knows Exactly Where You Are!

30/10/2014 with

If you’ve ever searched for a location or asked  to get directions on Google map, you’ll know that it can pinpoint a location very accurately; a bit too accurately in this case! With each search, there’s a wealth of information: satellite images, locations photos and often the infamous Street View. This feature has continually attracted […]

Traffictoon#49 – The Internet Connection Trap

23/10/2014 with

Just like cheese to a mouse, the internet connection always seems to be a temptation for most of us. The chance to get connected to the internet always seems to please customers which is why most businesses who would prefer you to stay just a little bit longer and thus spend a little more money […]

Traffictoon#48 – My Facebook Friends List Disappeared! Help!

16/10/2014 with

A technical hitch or just one too many selfies, boasties or baby pics? When some of those on your Facebook friends list disappeared, it’s hard not to wonder who’s to blame. Many of us will have panicked at the reasons behind Facebook friends suddenly gone, as though our online friend count on Facebook is indicative […]