Search Engine Optimization Dubai Expert Shows How Backlinks Affect SEO

28/2/2013 with

Google has released some information regarding their newest baby which is Google Glass and we are so excited we just have to talk about it. But more than that, search engine optimization Dubai leader James Reynolds wants to share how backlinks can affect your SEO result.   In this Video: 00:16 – The Big Google […]

TJ1 – Facebook Marketing For Business With Victoria Gibson

21/1/2013 with

Facebook traffic is the hot topic of discussion in this inaugural first episode of  The Traffic Jam podcast. James Reynolds is joined by Facebook marketing specialist Victoria Gibson from Victoria’s expertise is in creating effective brands on Facebook, helping businesses reach out to large audiences of hungry buyers, and create ongoing and valuable dialogue […]

How To Grow A Sustainable Internet Business With James Shramko

2/1/2013 with

In this podcast James Reynolds is joined by James Schramko to discuss how to grow a real and sustainable internet based business. James Schramko the owner of SuperFastBusiness, an Australian based information and service business consistently doubles his revenue every year without any hyped up product launches or joint ventures. This audio interview digs deep on […]

Internet Marketing – Blogs For Business With Suraj Sodha

22/11/2012 with

Suraj Sodha is back on the show and this time we’re covering the topic of internet marketing blogs for business. How to leverage the power of blogging to generate more traffic, build authority and make more profit. Suraj teaches blogging through workshops and conferences across the world. James and Suraj recently caught up in Dubai […]

Best Internet Marketing Tools Reviewed By James Reynolds and Ernesto Verdugo (Part 2)

15/9/2012 with

We are back with part two of the internet marketing tools review with Ernesto Verdugo. In this podcast we cover the best internet marketing tools for productivity, business analysis, project management and analytics. Make sure you stay tuned till the end for Ernesto’s sneaky resources. Listened to the first episode? Part 1 of our internet […]