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At the current rate, by 2015 there will be more mobile search traffic than that from the desktop. With this in mind, it is best that you have a mobile landing page that not just looks great on the desktop, but will also cater to the mobile users as well.


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In this Video:

00:12 – Current Search Engine Statistics
00:30 – Looking Forward: 2015 statistics
00:58 – Tip #1 An Orderly Design Is A Must
01:15 – Tip#2 Be Brief
01:37 – Tip #3 Be Finger and Thumb Friendly
02:07 – Need an Adwords Manager?

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In this video I’ve got three mobile landing page design tips to help you ensure that you make more conversions from your mobile traffic.

Currently over 65% of search engine users will use a multi-screen search environment; they might start with a mobile device and end their search later by viewing that particular website on a desktop or laptop device. Interestingly, in 2015 mobile search traffic will actually exceed desktop search traffic. In a recent video I shared with you five landing page design tips that will get you more conversions from your traffic.

In this particular video I want to share with you three design tips specific to mobile website landing pages that will help you increase your conversions for mobile users. My first design tip for mobile landing page is to have orderly design that works on all common mobile devices. That means having all of your content in just one column and of course the most important place at the top of that column.

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The second design tip is be brief. You want to trim your headlines to a maximum of three or four words, you want your bullet points reduced to perhaps three or four bullets and you want your form filled at absolute minimum because it is really difficult to fill in those contact forms on a mobile device so keep everything really, really brief.

The third design tip is to be finger and thumb friendly. That means making sure that the content doesn’t have to be pinched or pulled so that you can view it, it means that buttons are easy to press by your fingers and thumb, and it also means that making sure that if there is a telephone number there that you have a click to call action so that you don’t have to copy that telephone number down and place it in to your keypad. You can just literally click that button and call that business direct.

There you go, three design tips for mobile landing pages that will help to ensure you get the most out of your mobile traffic. If you are ready to increase your mobile search traffic, please get in contact with us at; we’re ready to start on your campaign.

This has been James Reynolds with another Google Adwords Pay Per Click training, I’ll catch you back here on another video real soon!

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