4 Easy Content Ideas To Get You Ranking

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Google has decided that it wants to give content more weight now when ranking and giving authority to websites, and with this revelation came the change in how search engine optimization strategies come to play. Now website owners need to be adding content regularly and we have just the ideas on what these could be in this SEO update.


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In this Video:
00:18 – Content Marketing In The World Now
00:36 – Options for Website Owners
01:16 – Idea#1 Interview Experts
01:42 – Check episodes
01:54 – Idea#2 Case Studies
02:29 – Idea#3 Lists
02:47 – Great Sample Ideas for Lists
03:03 – Idea#4 How To’s / Tips & Tricks
03:26 – Sample How To’s To Get You Started
03:47 – Check Out These TJ Episodes

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In this video I share with you why content is essential for your SEO success and for content marketing ideas to get you started.

SEO is changing; website owners who either want to gain or maintain their search engine ranking have to embrace content marketing because there is just no escaping the fact that Google really do content rich websites that are updated regularly with informative content that drive repeat visitors to that site.

So if you want to play in the Google playing field, right about now you’ve really got two options. One, you commit to a content marketing plan where you’re regularly creating and adding content to your website so that you make it worthy of ranking on Google. Or number two, you use an agency perhaps like our own on SEO Sherpa to manage content on your behalf. This is probably going to be a good fit for many however if you enjoy creating content, you like making videos, podcasts, and you like writing, here are a few tips to get your marketing started.

content marketing ideas

Here are four of my favorite content marketing ideas that I am confident you will be able to implement on your own website:

The first idea is interviews. You can invite experts within your market and interview them within your particular area of expertise. This type of content is really easy to produce it really puts the owners on to the other party- the person you are interviewing. If you want to see this in play, check out, my regular podcast where I invite on to the show experts in different areas of online traffic generation.

The second content marketing idea I have for you is case studies. And these work really well because everyone wants to see behind the scenes of a success so all you need to do is share your very best clients successes, show where that client was before you started working with them and where they are now as a result of the work that you have done. Perhaps share some of the processes involved and this will really help position you as an expert and give your prospective customers the confidence that you can get them the results that they want.

The third content marketing idea that I have for you are lists and these are super easy to produce and they are real likeable content. You just have to look at the success of a website like to see why this content really, really works. Perhaps if you are a caterer you might share your top 10 sandwiches, or perhaps if you are an e-commerce store perhaps sending electronic goods, you might share the top 10 mobile phones for instance. It really is super easy to produce and very consumable content.

The fourth and final idea I have for you are how to’s and tips and tricks. I’ve created a lot of content just like this and again these are very easy to produce. If you are concerned about giving all of your intellectual knowledge away and some of your processes, you could just do how to’s on how to get the most out of your service. As an example, if you are a photographer, you might say how to prepare for a photo shoot or how to do your make up so you look the best on camera. It’s not giving away all of your knowledge but it is showing people how to get the most out of what you do. For more content ideas just like these, I recommend you check out Traffic Jam episode #19 with Lee Odden and also Traffic Jam episode #16 with Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute. There’s lots more easy to implement ideas and strategies shared in both those two podcasts and of course you’ll also see the interview format of content at work because that’s exactly what I’m doing by inviting on guests to Traffic Jam.

I hope you found this latest SEO training useful, if you have, please post your comments below and share it among your Facebook, Twitter and all of your social media platforms, I really would appreciate that. Until next time, this has been James Reynolds and this is

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