How To Get The Best SEO Keywords For Your Campaign

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What is the formula for getting the best keywords for your SEO campaign? In this video, we’ve got four tips for you to get you started on choosing the best keywords for your business.


In this Video:

00:11 – Our Client Experience
00:27 – #1 – Relevance
00:53 – #2 – High Number of Searches
01:23 – #3 – Low Competition
01:44 – #4 – Commercial Intent
02:11 – What It Takes To Get Keywords
02:32 – We Can Get You Results!

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Would you like to be able to find strong SEO keywords for your campaign? Listen in to this week’s training and you’ll know how.

We’re working really closely with this particular client trying to find the best set of keywords for their campaign. There are a number of different criteria that make up a good set of keywords; I just want to share with you the top 4 criteria here in this week’s training.

The first and most important thing for a good keyword phrase is relevance. The closer that keyword phrase matches the exact thing that you offer, the more likely that traffic coming from that search to your website will convert in to a lead or sale? And because people find what they’re looking for on your website, they’re going to stick around longer and that in turn cements your position within the search results.

The second thing that makes up a good keyword phrase is a high number of searches. You want to go after phrases that have a number of search because a lot of searches mean more traffic to your website and more traffic to your website means more potential sales, however the keyword phrases still have to be relevant. Key phrase that is relevant with a high number of phrases is still an irrelevant keyword and an irrelevant keyword is not going to convert in to a lead or sale for you.

The third factor that makes up a good keyword is low competition. You want to find a keyword with a few number of competitors and whose competitors have weak SEO because when you get these two things ticked off, you can move past your competitors faster and gain the full benefit of your SEO that much quicker.

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The fourth factor that makes up a good keyword phrase is commercial intent because if you are in business, you want buyers visiting your website; not just browsers! As in the case of SEO Sherpa, a phrase such as search engine optimization is relevant to our business but a phrase such as search engine optimization services which has a clear commercial content and is a buying phrase has much more value to it.

As I am sure, when you begin to understand, find the right consistency for a really strong keyword takes a lot of professional analysis of a huge amount of data. That’s a sort of thing that we do really, really well here at SEO Sherpa and it’s why we set our customer’s campaigns up with almost assured success.

If you’d like us to get started on your SEO campaign, please get in contact with us at  This has been James Reynolds with another SEO training, I’ll see you back here again next week.

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