Local Video Method; Kevin McKillop Product Launch Steps

14/10/2011 with

Kevin McKillop is a Local Business Marketing Expert turned Information Product Marketer. I watched close by as he developed and launched his much heralded Local Video Method Product. In this podcast he reveals how to research and develop an internet marketing product from scratch and I get him to dissect his successful Local Video Method launch.

James Reynolds and Kevin McKillop

Covered in this insightful interview;-

  • How to ride the wave of trends to boost your product sales
  • How to crowd source ideas and the importance of mastermind
  • The exact steps you need to go through before launch
  • Where to find ideas for your next information product
  • Tips on increasing customer life time value (getting customers to spend more)
  • How to create additional products that are guaranteed to sell
  • Kevin’s top tips for marketers creating their very first product

Kevin’s Local Video Method is a series of step by step video tutorials teaching you how to identify and target high-value clients and get up to 80% of them call you back. It involves reviewing the prospects website/marketing collateral/social media (the applications are endless!) using jaw dropping video’s. I have been using this strategy for some time with stunning results and have had comments back such as “Wow, the video was so impressive I watched it 6 times” and “I get cold calls all the time but no one has ever sent me a personalized video before, I had to call you back.”


Check Out Local Video Method Here and see what resulted from the product launch steps discussed in this podcast.

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