Press Releases Still Work For This Dubai SEO Company’s Ranks

17/3/2013 with

Google has talked about how Press Releases will be taking the back seat in terms of SEO relevance but this Dubai SEO Company thinks so otherwise. Find out how press releases have helped us, and we are doing pretty good in the ranks.


In this Video:

00:15 – How Press Releases Work For Us
00:51 – Google Decided PRs Should Have Less Value
01:31 – #1 More Citation from Press Releases
01:38 – #2 Increase Co- Citation For Your Site
01:51 – What Is A Co- Citation?
02:24 – PRs Control Co- Citations
02:36 – Google Devalued PRs- What’s Next?
03:16 – #3 PR Provide Social Signals
03:59 – #4 People Still Read Press Releases
04:21 – Traffic Jam Episode#3 has been published

Our package include press releases for your company. Check out SEO packages and decide which works for you.

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