Search Past And Present: 15 Years Of Google

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Google has been around for 15 years and there has been a lot of changes along the way. We are excited to see what more to expect from Google after they have celebrated their 15 birthday.


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In this Video:
00:05 – Life Before Google
00:23 – The History of Google
00:38 – Google Now
00:59 – A Look At The Future For Google
01:16 – Knowledge Graph’s Expanded Feature
01:59 – Compare 2 Different Items With Google
02:48 – Get Real Time Information from Google

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Hot off the celebration of their 15th birthday, it is very difficult to remember a life before Google when searching for information used to start with a scan through the Encyclopedia Britannica and then failing that a trudge down to your local library to look for one of those weird micro-fiche machines.

Google search however has come a long, long way since 1998 when Google was formed originally and for the first five years, Google was only able to return data results. However here, 15 years later, Google is even able to understand questions you ask of it via your mobile phone and return intelligent answers via the knowledge graph. Not only will it give you answers to the question that you are interested in, but it will also suggest related topics that are also relevant that you may want to go on and explore.

There are plenty of content right now chronicling the last 15 years of Google so instead of looking at  the past, I thought it might be quite fun to look at some of the future trends of Google and look at some of those new release features which you may not have tried just yet.

15th birthday of google

Google are expanding features of the knowledge graph so that it has more ability to answer questions and even those questions that don’t even have a simple answer. Let’s use Google’s example: Let’s say that you’re on your way to an art gallery, you could take out your mobile phone and ask Google, tell me more about impressionist artists. It’s not really got a simple answer but what Google will do via knowledge graph is they’ll show you various impressionist artists; you can then dive in to those individual impressionist artists to see examples of their work and collections. But you then might want to go and look at abstract artists as well. And using the new feature which Google have called filter, you can then click on to abstract artists and explore that topic as well.

Another great feature of the knowledge graph is the ability to compare two different items. Let’s say for instance you want to know how much saturated fat there is in butter compare to olive oil. You can go to Google and ask of it, compare butter to olive oil. Google is then going to return you a nice graph of results showing you all of the individual comparison data points for both of those two items. It also works on more abstract things. Perhaps you want to compare planets; maybe you want to say Neptune to Mars. Or maybe you want to compare dog breeds, perhaps Chihuahua to Pekinese; as this things to Google and you’ll get comparable results.

One of the biggest advancements of Google right now is their ability to view information right at the point when you need it. Using the new Google Now feature, you can ask Google to remind you to go buy that olive oil when you go to the supermarket. You might say, hey Google remind me to buy olive oil from Spinny’s, just when you are walking in the shop, Google will remind you to go buy that item. This new feature will be available on both Google App search for iPhone and for iPad coming out in the next few weeks.

So there you have it, developments coming after the now 15 year old Google. I’d love to hear what your favorite features of the Google search engine are. Please post your comments beneath this video. This has been James Reynolds with another SEO training tips and news, I’ll see you back here again real soon.

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