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You, and not just SEO Services providers, have the power to stop your website visitors from bouncing off your site. You just need to make sure that your website meet the criteria set by Google in their guideline. What is it you ask? Find out in the video below.


In this Video:

00:14 – Pogo Sticking Phenomenon
00:53 – Google’s Search Quality Rating Guideline
01:01 – Where Google Get Site Ratings From
01:17 – What Raters Are Looking For
01:54 – Check Site Speed
02:13 – What Makes an Interesting Content?
02:37 – Relevance is a must!
02:52 – Provide Relevant Links

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Hi this is James Reynolds and in this week’s video update I’ve got a quick tip for your relating to Pogo sticking.

I really do believe that one of the factors that negatively affect search engine rank is this concept of pogo sticking; when someone finds your website within the search results, they click on that link through to your site and then immediately bounce back to the search engine results because they don’t find what they’re looking for or they don’t like what they find on your website.

We really do know this to be fact because Google are always harping on about quality user experience and relevant content on your website. Back in 2012, Google released their quality rating guidelines. These are the guidelines that their whole army of raters use to assess a website relative to a search query.

Of course Google don’t assess every single website on the internet manually; that just would not be possible. But what Google do do is take the data from their search quality raters, find some consistencies and then work them back in to the algorithm guidelines that were published in 2012. We know that they are looking for some of these factors: high quality, authorative, entertaining, and or reason, indicating a new style website with up to date information and from a website that you would trust and is not spammy. These are some of the things that were mentioned in those guidelines.

Pogo Off Search Results

So what sort of things can we do to ensure our website meets these guidelines? The first thing you want to look at is your site speed. I mentioned that on an update a couple of weeks ago but this really does affect pogo sticking. If your site doesn’t load within a few seconds of someone landing on it, they’re going to click the back button and go find the site that does load very quickly.

The second thing that you want to have a look at is your actual content, and make sure it’s interesting. I’d certainly recommend using a mix of media, nothing worse than just landing up on a text page. It’s pretty off putting. So put on there some images along with your text and perhaps use video as well because it’s a nice form of media that people like to consume.

The third thing you want to do is make sure that your content answers the search query you are optimizing for. So if you are going after the phrase where can I get taxation advise in the United Kingdom, make sure that is answered within your content. Another thing that you can do which is a little controversial as far as SEOs go is link off to other relevant information. If someone comes to your website page and they want information which is what happens when someone does a search query within Google, make sure that that query is answered and if that’s helped by linking off to other relevant websites, then that’s a very good idea for you.

So this has been James Reynolds with another very quick SEO news update, I’ll catch you back here again real soon.


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