The Need For Speed: Faster Websites Rank Higher

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You most definitely do not want to be waiting on a site that takes forever to load. Google thinks so too, which is why page load speed is being factored in when ranking is decided on.


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00:13 – Can Page Load Speed Affect Rank?
00:40 – Page Load Speed Also Conversion
00:55 – What’s The Ideal Page Load Speed?
01:21 – Check Your Page Load Speed Here
01:38 – Get Your Website Loading Faster
01:49 – Faster Web Hosting Is A Must
01:58 – Your Action Item This Week

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This is a really quick but important SEO tip because as you are about to learn, when it comes to this aspect of SEO speed is of paramount importance.

How fast your website loads affects your search engine ranks and it affects your conversions. Google used page load speed in its algorithm to determine where a website will rank within the search results which kind of makes sense because they don’t want to do their job of returning the result in half a second only to send someone off to a website and for that website to take 10 or even 15 seconds to load.

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Page load time also affects conversions. If your website takes an age to load, your prospects on your sire will get frustrated and then they’ll click the back button and go to the next website within the results. So what makes a good page load time? Essentially, the faster the better; there is no absolute time in terms of number of seconds because everywhere around the world have different qualities of internet and pages load at different rates in different places.

You however, want to be faster than your competitors so as an action item go and check your website page load speed in a tool called, I’ll link to that beneath this video and also test the page load speed of your competitors’ as well. If you’re out on a limb loading much slower than the competition, then you need to speed your website up.

To get your website loading faster, you need it to be optimized. You need to make sure that the files contained on your site loads at the fastest speed. We at can help you with that and you also probably need some faster hosting. We can’t do that ourselves, but we can tell you where to go.

So your action item this week is go check your page load speed at and also checks your competition. If they’re loading faster, then get your site speeded up.  This has been James Reynolds for another SEO training video, I’ll catch you back here with another video real soon!

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