The Shocking Tactics Of Cowboy SEO Firms

17/9/2013 with

This week’s news reveals the shocking of cowboy SEO firms that just does not measure up to Google’s SEO practices. These can bring more harm to you than good, so watch the video and find out what these are.


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In this Video:

00:13 – What Google Always Say
00:23 – How Did The SEO Firms React?
00:59 – The Real Deal Uncovered
01:31 – What Is Quality SEO?
01:54 – It Might Be Time To Move On

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I’m about to share with you the shocking tactics of real cowboy SEO agencies; what I am about to show you, you will not believe your eyes!

Cowboy holding a gun

When Google repeatedly state that they’ll take action on any website owner who’s buying links either through a link exchange or paid link farm, what would any reputable SEO firm do to try and promote their customer’s website?  Well of course they go and buy links from places like I am sorry but by having quality in the domain name doesn’t make it any better, or what about getting links from link resell, a very well priced option for the quality end of the market.  Alternatively,, I am sorry guys but the picture of the caravan is certainly not deceiving me and it won’t deceive Google either.  Would you believe these are all real life examples I have uncovered in the past few days where website owners have come to me and said, James, we’re just not getting results with our SEO, in some cases their results have dropped and in one case that website have been de-indexed entirely from the search results; these types of tactics used by cheap SEO companies putting your website at risk.

So if you are employing one of these agencies, it’s time to move on before it’s too late. See, quality, safe SEO I this day and age just cannot employ automated and spammy tactics. You need an SEO agency looking after your campaign who’ve got a wealth of content created and more so than that, they have quality hand created websites in which to promote your site. If your agency doesn’t meet these criteria it’s time to move on. If you’d like SEO Sherpa to handle your SEO for you, please get in touch with us at, we’re ready to rank your website.

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