Traffictoon#41 – The Oracle?

11/8/2014 with

Call me a cynic, but I reckon some of this crystal gazing stuff is all mumbo jumbo. What do you think? The Traffictoons takes a comical look at all things online. You can find more digital giggles just like this one here.

Infographic: Google Search Tricks

27/6/2014 with

With 40,000 searches per second worldwide, we’re all doing a lot of Googling! Even if you think you’re an old hand at Google and make countless searches every month, we bet even you do not know all of these fabulous Google search tips. Who knew Google could also be a dictionary, countdown timer or calculator, […]

Traffictoon#19 – Search Our Soles (SOS)

10/1/2014 with

Getting Found By Search Engines On Island

This traffictoon was inspired by the amazing story of a lady stranded alone on a deserted island for 7 years. Gemma Sheridan’s boat hit a storm in the Pacific ocean and her 2 friends were thrown overboard. She and her boat drifted for 17 days until she hit another storm which knocked her unconscious. She […]

Visible: Part 1: How To Get More Clicks

18/12/2013 with

In the first of the three part video series, James shares how you can get your website search result listing get more clicks with his neat three tips. Don’t miss this great training, watch the video here now. >>Click Here To Get All Training Modules<< In this Video: 00:16 – Improved Quality Results 00:31 – Turn Your […]

How To Get The Best SEO Keywords For Your Campaign

26/8/2013 with

What is the formula for getting the best keywords for your SEO campaign? In this video, we’ve got four tips for you to get you started on choosing the best keywords for your business.   In this Video: 00:11 – Our Client Experience 00:27 – #1 – Relevance 00:53 – #2 – High Number of […]