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In the first of the three part video series, James shares how you can get your website search result listing get more clicks with his neat three tips. Don’t miss this great training, watch the video here now.

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In this Video:

00:16 – Improved Quality Results
00:31 – Turn Your Results Around
00:45 – Website Title Configuration
01:27 – Your Meta Description
01:52 – Have A Photo With Your Listing
02:52 – Google+ for Business
03:22 – What Happens In A Few Days
03:49 – Action Steps For You

Hello! Welcome to this first video training on how to get your website found on the search engines. In this training video you’ll learn how to optimize the appearance of your results within Google.

When you improve the quality of your results, you’ll increase the amount of people the click on your listings. In fact, when you optimize the way I am about to teach you, you’ll get more clicks to your site and those competitors around you even if those other listings appear above you within the search results.

Over the course of the next few minutes you’ll learn how to turn a result that looks like this in to a result that looks like this. Let’s start with the title.

If you have a website with a content management system, perhaps something like WordPress or Joomla, you are able to log in and write your own title for your website and for each page on your site. All you have to do is log in to the CMS and change the standard configuration. An effective configuration for your website title is as follows: What you do, which should include the main keyword you want to rank for, the area in which you operate, and then your brand name. Now make sure that this title is less than 70 characters because that’s the maximum length Google will show within the results.

You also have an opportunity to tell Google what to show within the description, this is called the meta description. You’ll want to use all 155 characters and include something that’s going to sell people on clicking on your result. So try and maybe include a unique selling proposition, something that’s really compelling about your business, then perhaps end it with a call to action.

The next step is to configure your listing so that it shows up with a photograph when any of your results appear. To do this, you’re going to need a Google+ account and then you’re going to need to link your Google+ profile to your website and your website to your Google+ profile. To get a Google+ profile set up, follow the links that are available on Google and then add the website to the contributors section. You’ll want to link back to your Google+ profile and this can easily be done by a plugin something like WordPress – Yoast is really good for a WordPress site or you  can add a code that looks like this.

Once you’ve linked your website and your Google+ profile, Google will recognize that any content on your website, you’re the author of. So that when that content is displayed within the results, they’ll show it with your own photograph. This is really good for personal branding and it just makes your listing much more compelling than those others without photographs.

The third and final step to achieving these optimized results is done by registering a Google+ for business account. All you need to do is go to and follow the steps shown there. When you set this up you want to make sure that you complete your profile in full, add lots of photographs, add videos and complete all of the sections in their entirety.

Within a few days or perhaps a little bit longer, Google will start to show a link to your Google+ profile plus your location within the maps section. Not only that, they’ll also show reviews for your business if you’d had people fill out the reviews section on your Google+ for business profile page.

When you have a listing that’s rich in information just like this one, your result will stand out from the pack and you’ll outperform your competition. So here are your action steps today: first of all you want to optimize your website’s title and the page titles on your website. The second step is to link your personal Google+ profile page to your website and vice versa. Then the third step, that’s to go and register for a Google+ for Business page if you’ve not done so already. I do understand there’s a few step here and you may well have some questions so if you do, please post them below and I’ll be back to answer you.

In the next video, I’m going to show you how to get your website showing up in more types of results on the search engines.

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