Shocking Internet Usage Statistics For Middle East

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In the recent Google Middle East Event that James attended, they tackled some rather shocking internet usage statistics that just might spell the difference for you if you decide to listen to what it means.

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In this Video:

00:17 – Google Middle East Event
00:39 – Internet Usage Information
00:53 – #1 90% of SME Don’t Have A Site
01:11 – #2 Mobile Usage Is Increasing
01:32 – #3 83% Of People Use The Internet
02:15 – What This Means
02:30 – Opportunity Is Everywhere
03:17 – What You Think About This

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So I’ve just spent some time at Google hence this t-shirt and they’ve shared with me some shocking statistics about internet usage. So I think you might find as astonishing as I did. Ill share them with you in just a moment.
Last week I spent a little bit of time with the team at Google Middle East as I was invited as a founding member to the Dubai version of the Google business group. Now it was a great little event and really great meet up, lots of fantastic insights and information shared by the team at Google and the other participating entrepreneurs but there was some information that was so interesting surrounding internet usage here in the Middle East that I wanted to share that information with you.
I’ve just got my notes here containing some of those statistics I’m just going to read some of them out. The first one is that over 90% of small to medium enterprises here in the Middle East do not have a website, that’s about 1 in 10 businesses only that are currently having a website online just quite startling I thought. The second one is that mobile usage is increasing here, in fact it’s in the highest level of anywhere in the world, over 50% of search queries on Google in this region – Middle East happen from a smart phone device, again quite astonishing. The third statistic I have is that 83% of people within this region use the internet every single day, 83%. Over 40% of those use the internet for more than 5hrs per day that’s over 5hrs of their daily time spent online. Now in contrast to this, what was even more interesting is that only 1% of commerce here in the UAE happens online; the rest is all offline transactions, and less than 6% of total ad spent being spend by business in these region is spent online.

opportunities on the internet
So what are the takeaways, well the takeaways is that there’s a massive gulf between were consumers are i.e. the market is spending their time and were businesses are their spending their time marketing. Everyone is online yet businesses are still focusing offline. So if you can’t take heed of the lessons from those stats yourself here’s the summary. We’re in a massive position of opportunity. There’s still so much growth going to happen here online in the Middle East that you can take advantage of.
So what I’d like you to do is just take stock of where you at now, are you one of those one in ten business that’s got a website? Well if you are give yourself a small pat on the back. But have you taken advantage of the other possibilities open to you? Are you mobile optimized? Are there more traffic channels that you can still explore? Those businesses that take advantage and really embrace the internet have limitless opportunity. There’s still so much growth available to you.
So what did you think of those statistics? Were you surprised and astonished as I was? Well I’d love to get your feedback, please post your comments beneath wherever you find this video. This has been James Reynolds from and I’ll see here back again real soon.


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