Google’s Number 1 Ranking Factor Disclosed?

19/8/2013 with

In a recent interview, Matt Cutts has revealed the factors that affect ranking in Google. It’s quite a long interview, so we’ve narrowed it down and summarized it for you.


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00:16 – Matt Cutts Interview at
00:36 – Focus#1  Start With Your Website
00:54 – Focus#2 Build Your Authority
01:16 – Focus#3 Gather Good Links
01:44 – Focus#4 Invest in Guest Posting
02:13 – Focus#5 Syndicate Your Content
02:44 – To Sum It All..
03:17 – A Reminder from Veravo

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The head of Google Spam Division has revealed the one ranking factor that has the biggest influence on your search engine authority. I’ll tell you what that is plus four other major factors in this week’s training.

I have just finished reading a really good interview with Matt Cutts from Google over at where he outlines exactly what businesses should be doing in the modern era to get good strong results. It’s quite a long interview so I am going to summarize the best bits for you here in this update.

The first point he made is focus on a quality web experience and then marketing that website well. He said that having a multi-channeled approach to marketing would always outperform someone focusing purely on search engine optimization.

The second point Matt Cutts raised is that Google are getting better at determining authority and an individual’s reputation online. So really, what you should be doing is working on building up your authority in your market place because ultimately the most high authority figure is the one that Google are going to favor within the search results.

eggs in the basket

The third point he raised which is perhaps the most revealing from an SEO standpoint is that links are still the best way Google have found to determine authority online. He went on to say that authorship and social media over time may influence authority more but for now links are still the most precise way that Google has of determining how much authority an individual or website has online.

The next point he raised was that guest posting is a valid way in which to gain links to your website. However, do it with extreme caution because quality is of paramount importance. He used the analogy if you wouldn’t be willing and proud to promote that website on which you guest post across your social media channels then it probably shouldn’t be a website on which you guest post.

Next he went on to say that content syndication is another valid way of marketing your website and gaining backlinks. Again, you have to be careful because you want to make sure that the content that you post on your website is the content that gains the authority. You can get over this by assigning the rel = canonical status to the content that you syndicate or by having a time delay between posting the content on your site and then syndicating that content to other websites.

Okay, did you get all of that? If not here’s an executive summary. What you should be doing is focusing on having a quality website and building up your own authority on your own site.  Then you need to focus on marketing your website well.  In order to do that, you need quality content to promote your website, and then quality websites to place that content.

Luckily for you, SEO Sherpa is one of the very few SEO agencies that has access to these types of websites. I would suggest though that you remain cautious about putting all of your eggs in the SEO basket. You want to use a multi-channel approach to marketing. Because when you market your website across multiple channels, not only will you acquire leads from other places, but also your search engine ranks will rise too. This has been James Reynolds for another SEO training video. For more tips like this, head on over to, I’ll see you again real soon!

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