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There has been a lot of changes and updates within the company that we are excited to share with you, plus some really cool lead generating options and brand new offering that you should really check out.


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01:47 – We Now Offer Line Items
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Hi this is James and I’m back with a reseller news update. Now it’s actually been a good few months since I last updated you here so I though it’s about time to bring you up to speed with a few things that have been going on.

The most major news is the fact that we have launched a new umbrella brand Veravo and it’s really given away by the fact that you’ve landed on a new website I am not going to spend a whole lot of time in this video talking about our reasons for Veravo, instead I’ll link to another video where I’ve talked about this at length and you’ll find that link beneath this video.

One of the big reasons for launching Veravo is that we can promote our traffic agencies SEO Sherpa and Click Jam and I am really glad to say that both agencies are doing really, really well. Click Jam has pretty much taken on clients every week and SEO Sherpa remains as strong as ever even despite those most recent Google Panda and Penguin updates that caused so much havoc within the SEO World.

PPC_Announcing of new brand Veravo2

Post Penguin 2.0 we’re getting some of our strongest results ever over at SEO Sherpa. In fact we are getting a 95% success rate for our customers. So if you are one of those agencies that are using SEO Sherpa services for your own clients you really can be assured of results. Want to see what some of those results look like? Go check out the link that I put beneath this video to our proof of results page where we show both of the before and after results, the screenshots for those clients that we have been working on. I’m sure you’ll agree some of those results are astonishing.

A major update- especially if you are a larger agency promoting SEO Sherpa services is that you can now buy our packages as line items; i.e. you can buy press releases, backlinks, infographics, videos, and much, much more. This was something that came upon real strong request from some of our large agencies of who have large internal SEO resource and just want to be able to pick and choose what items they can use from our range of services. I’ve got to say, unless you are a large agency with some internal resource, definitely still the most effective way to utilize SEO Sherpa services is with our standard packaging. If however you are a larger agency and you want to find out more about the individual items that we can now offer you, you can just send me an email and I will send you those details.

Lastly, if you are watching this video somewhere on, you’ll see a link above this video to a website analysis or a website grader report. In this report my team will put a website through a thorough 30-point checklist, analyzing it for SEO metrics, performance on social media, usability, security, and much, much more. These reports are fantastic also for you as a reseller because you can use them as a lead generator; i.e. you can put a client’s website through one of these website analyses and pick up on some of the things that we can help them improve so that they get stronger traffic results. If you want to get one of these results for your clients, you can do. Feel free to utilize this service as much as you like, however, what I would recommend is instead of using one of the links above this video that you raise a ticket on our helpdesk and get one of the team to respond to you there. That means we can then actually go and brand those reports with your company details and your logo so it looks that it’s just come from you. These are proving to be really effective for lead generation; if you want to take advantage of this, go and submit a ticket at, which is our new helpdesk address and we’ll get that taken care of.

Okay, so this has been James with another reseller news update. If you’re not already a reseller and interested to get started, please fill out the reseller application form linked beneath this video. I’ll see you here again real soon!


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