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The first reseller news for 2014 brings not only the most recent updates on the company and how this can help you grow your business, but the best news yet – we are increasing reseller discount! Want to find out what’s the new discount rate? Watch the  video and find out what other good news we have to start the year.

 In this Video:

00:15 – Happy 2014 – There’s Lots In Store
00:30 – Reseller Wholesale Discount Increase
00:57 – New Starter Package and Who It’s For
01:32 – Need Advise For Your Client?
01:40 – SEO Minimum Campaign Period is Now 5 Months
02:21 – ClickJam Reseller Is Discontinued
03:11 – New Reseller Guide

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In this first reseller update of 2014 I have got some very important information for you concerning pricing and package changes, stay tuned!

First of all, a very happy 2014! I’m really excited about the next 12 months and really looking forward to be working with you to help you grow your business in the next coming year. I have a few important updates for you concerning our reseller services and the first of which will be music to your ears, I am sure, and that is that we’ve increased our wholesale discount for reseller partners. That means instead of the previous 20% discount on our package pricing, you now get 25% and we’ve done that because we’ve been able to improve our processes, we’re doing greater volume of work than before and we want to be able to pass on those discounts to you so that you can profit even more from this relationship.

The second update is that for our SEO services, we’ve introduced a new starter package. This retails at $549; you’ll now get 25% off that package and this has really been introduced because we wanted to find a way to hit the level of the market that were finding poorer, inferior partners and getting themselves in trouble with bad quality SEO services. We want to be able to help more people and hopefully this package will be the right solution for those businesses that are perhaps a little bit smaller or are getting started out. Now as ever, if you want some advice as to which package is going to be the right fit for the businesses that you’re working with, then do let me know.

Stars In A Box

The third update is that we are now setting our minimum level of service, our minimum period for SEO customers at 5 months. We’ve done this because we feel that our 5-month campaign period better manages expectations and this typically happens because we get a lot of clients coming on board with brand new websites, with brand new domains, with no previous authority with Google and those types of sites, they take us a little bit longer to gain traction and to give an expectation of perhaps results will happen in three or four months would just not be fair. So five months is now our minimum term and that is effective immediately.

The fourth and final update I have for you is surrounding our Google Adwords management and that of course is managed from our agency Click Jam at We’ve taken the decision to no longer offer reseller pricing for our Click Jam service and that is because we found it increasingly difficult to maintain a level of competitive pricing because we do go a lot further than a lot agencies however some people still do consider us on a price alone basis and we don’t want to crush our margins too low because that just means we can’t service our customers properly and service you, our resellers properly. So as of now, Click Jam services will no longer have reseller pricing but hopefully the fact that we’re now able to offer increased margins – that 25% discount on SEO services should just make up for it.

So there you go, that wraps up the first reseller round up. I have got a new reseller guide for resellers just like you and if you’d want to request a copy of that with the up to date pricing and packages in, please just send me an email at and I’ll make sure one of those finds its way to you. So once again, happy 2014 and I am looking forward to helping you grow your business in the next 12 months.

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