Traffictoon#65 – Crashed Computer Comes with Airbag – Safety First!

23/3/2015 with

crashed computer safety

Our computers; designed to make our lives easier. But do they? Anyone with a crashed computer might say otherwise!

Many of us spend around 8 hours a day staring at our computer and we have high expectations of our machines, expecting them to work tirelessly. Sometimes however, they let us down, and it’s nearly always at the worst possible moment; with half an hour’s work unsaved, with a tight deadline approaching, or mid crucial Skype call.

A crashed computer is a cause of massive frustration, and perhaps everyone can confess to shouting, swearing or banging a fist in anger. Perhaps an airbag designed to prevent injury to the machine and the owner isn’t such a bad idea!

Have you seen an episode where the airbag might have been useful? What’s the most extreme response to a crashed computer that you’ve witnessed?

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