Traffictoon#66 – Are Ultra-Modern Digital Names The Trend Now?

27/3/2015 with

digital names

It’s one of the first and the toughest choices any parent has to make for their child: what to name their newborn. Most people wrestle with whether to choose something well-used or unique, traditional or modern.

But there’s modern baby names, and there’s ultra-modern. A handful of parents are turning to the digital world for inspiration. In recent years, there have reportedly been babies named Hashtag, Facebook, Vista, Google, and @ . Others have apparently ditched the ‘Junior’, used to indicate the 2nd generation of bearers of a name, in favour of 2.0!

There’s also the traditional Scandinavian name Siri, which is now the name of the ubiquitous iOS personal assistant. There was seemingly a small rise in popularity worldwide recently.

Perhaps Will.I.Am should consider giving his name this ultra-modern twist to keep up with the trends. However, if you do choose a name inspired by the digital era, you can be sure of one thing: it’ll be a talking point.

What do you think of digital inspired names? On trend or off putting?

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